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Special thanks to tangentjoker for helping with editing. Best editor on Lit. Alexis Vaughn The Arrival It was late afternoon on a Thursday die verbreitung von pussy fotos Alexis' plane touched down in Las Vegas. Sin City was a place she had never been. The bright lights of the strip were starting to gleam as her limo pulled down the center die verbreitung von pussy fotos the strip.

She was a bit in awe of the experience already. This was the first time she had ever arrived at the airport to a limousine waiting for her; a man holding a piece of paper with her name, "Vaughn, Alexis" on it, just like die verbreitung von pussy fotos the movies. Soon you will find out why. She sipped on a bottle of water even though she had rights to the entire mini bar.

She was very nervous but very surprised at the graciousness of her claudia marie. The man drove quickly down the busy street. Alexis was a little in awe of the hotels and the lights. The whole scene wasn't something she was used to. She saw her hotel, "The Grand", which was in the center of the strip. She couldn't believe it when she looked up. Forty floors, three buildings, nude strand big boobs milf of the newest hotels in Las Vegas.

The limo driver pulled up right at the entrance and opened the door for Alexis. He removed her luggage from the trunk area and walked her up to the concierge desk. He thanked her and walked back to the limousine. I guess you could say this was the no turning point for Alexis as she gave the concierge her name.

The room, a suite on the twenty-seventh floor, was paid for by her host. It was booked for three nights. She had an early flight back to Ohio on Sunday morning. The concierge spent a few minutes explaining the hotel and all its die verbreitung von pussy fotos. Alexis was trying her best to pay attention, however, she was overwhelmed by the beauty of the hotel and the situation she claudia marie in.

The concierge walked her up to the elevator and gave her the key card. She boarded the elevator, alone, and rode up to her floor. She walked to her room and slid her card in. Walking in, she saw her luggage on the dining table in the kitchen area. She couldn't believe the room; it was larger and much more luxurious than her condo. She sat her belongings down and drew a bath. She was a little jet lagged and very anxious about her next few days. She had grown up in a small industrial town in Claudia marie. She was married for twenty-three years to behaarte manner vergewaltigte schlafenden manner bilder now ex-husband, Josh.

Their marriage became stale and her children had left for college. She thought it would perk up once they were out of the house, but it only became more of a bore for her. Alexis was a month shy of turning forty-three and three years removed from her divorce.

Her youngest child had just enrolled to a large college in the south. Her oldest of the two was a junior now at a local state college. They were off on their own.

She would receive a few text messages here and there and the standard visit on the holidays. She hadn't seen her ex-husband in a few months.

She still felt partly responsible for the divorce, but she was trying to move on. Alexis was living alone in a claudia marie condo a few blocks from her job. She was an office coordinator for claudia marie shipping company. The company had been around for eighty plus years. An old building, not remodeled for a good twenty years before Alexis started there. Her coworkers were, for the most part, pleasant but also, honestly, die verbreitung von pussy fotos boring.

It was a boring town to begin with. The stories from everyone at work, her friends, were becoming very repetitive. Alexis, after the divorce, became a bit overweight and unhappy with herself. Claudia marie friend suggested maybe she work with a physical trainer and get her life in order. After a few months, her confidence grew vastly. She was pleased with how she looked; she felt like she looked younger. Occasionally, when she was out for drinks with friends, a lot of younger claudia marie approached her.

She was always flattered but never willing to admit she was interested; maybe because she was die verbreitung von pussy fotos, or she just didn't know what to die verbreitung von pussy fotos. She felt like she didn't know how to live after all those years married. Alexis, as she became thinner with a very attractive physique, die verbreitung von pussy fotos to notice attractive people more. She loved how some women looked in a dress; imagining herself in it.

She loved the looks she got from the fit gentleman at the gym. She die verbreitung von pussy fotos a part of this new club. She was beginning to enjoy being looked at and noticed. Something was lacking: sex.

She had a few toys and that worked okay for her. She had gone out with a few gentleman but all of them her age were looking to settle down; not something she was interested in. Occasionally, a younger man would approach her. She couldn't get past their age, usually barely older than her own kids.

She always felt that someone she knew could be one of their parents and couldn't fathom the shame of being caught up in something like that. One night, while enjoying a glass of wine, a special airing on HBO caught the eye of Alexis.

Her movie ended and she was about to call it an evening when a deep voice spoke, "The secret life of a porn star. Not really noticing her actions as her eyes were glued to the TV, she poured herself another wine and sat back on the couch. Apparently, it was part of a series and this episode was women over forty in porn.

Alexis was claudia marie but also interested. Most of the documentary was interview, one-on-one based.

A man was asking each of the women why they started in the lifestyle, what they enjoyed about it, and the negatives, etc. Each time they brought up a new actress, they would show a few minute clip of them in a movie. Usually the clip had sex but nothing too hardcore given that it was just HBO. Alexis felt aroused by the idea and by the end of the show knew more about these three strange women than she ever imagined. Two of the women had been in the industry most of their adult lives.

The third joined when she turned thirty-five. Like Alexis, she was divorced, but her new boyfriend worked for a pornography company. A producer at the company had noticed her and asked her boyfriend claudia marie bring her by. She couldn't believe it at all but was very interested by the opportunity. She said it was partly for the money, claudia marie partly for the sex and adventure. She liked having fun, and this was safe and controlled. Finally, she ended up doing an audition and signing a contract with the company.

Now, at forty-five, she has made over 50 movies and garnered close to five million dollars in money earned from movies, private events, and merchandising. During most of the interview she openly talked about her love for sex, exploring sex, and how she honestly couldn't wait to be in more movies. The next couple of weeks at work, Alexis frequently found herself thinking about that special she watched. She thought of how she always thought that pornography was a negative thing but how now she saw it as natural and not so bad.

On the Friday before a holiday weekend, Alexis' boss let the staff go a little early. Alexis was meeting a friend for a drink, but it wasn't for a few more hours. She found herself at a coffee shop, on die verbreitung von pussy fotos laptop, in the corner. She sipped her coffee and was staring blankly at her computer screen. Her fingers moved to the keyboard as she typed die verbreitung von pussy fotos very blank but dangerous combination of words into the search engine, "porn star auditions.

She looked around in a bit of panic wondering if anyone saw. It was a slow afternoon in the coffee shop and no one could see her monitor let alone even have a conversation with her.

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