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Read the English translation below. Haltung zeigen ist modern und bei Leuten beliebt, die keine haben. Mit denen war die Arbeit wirklich schwer. Die Arme lenken das Auge, sie haben eine Richtung. Show attitude is modern and popular milf braucht sex in krong koh kong people who have none.

For me as a photographer this is an ancient history, my models show attitude. Attitude is not only posture, gestures or facial expressions, it means also mental attitude and has a huge impact on how naked women are perceived in photographs.

I photographed women, for whom modeling was just a job, an opportunity to easily raise money. With those the work was really hard. Fortunately, this rarely happens to me, most women nackt ohio point south frau to have good pictures of themselves and work really well with. It is not easy to position the hands and arms. The arms guide the eye, they have a direction. Therefore, they must be placed carefully. It is nackt ohio point south frau if the hands do something.

This is natural and the hands are almost always away from the body. This opens the pose. Continue in English. Auch die Haltung des Kopfes ist wichtig. Wenn eine Nackt ohio point south frau direkt in die Kamera guckt, werden Sie ihr zuerst ins Gesicht gucken. Arms that fit snugly make the body look wider than it is. To avoid that, I asked Aurelia to pull her black top over her arms.

The black fabric makes her waist visible and her arms are behind her body. This resulted in an elegant posture, which shows her naked body very open and nackt ohio point south frau harmonious.

Also, the attitude of the head is important. If a woman looks directly into the camera, you will first look her in her face. This is nackt ohio point south frau programmed and difficult to suppress. Naked women need to turn their heads to the side if the viewer is to concentrate on their bodies.

With Julie, I tried two variants, with her left hand on her hip and the pose you see here. I prefer when the view can move freely along the body, but I was surprised how elegant the arms emphasize their handsome breasts, that I decided to show this variant. Gut zu beobachten ist beim Fotografieren noch wichtiger als eine gute Regie.

On the last picture I am an uninvolved observer, the model had just posed for another photographer. It is for a good picture more important to observe well than to direct the model. The colorful dragon tolerates body tension and Anna is a yoga teacher. With her it was easy to find a dynamic pose. Little nackt ohio point south frau optimally distributed fat and high mobility are not bad either. Mit ihr war es leicht, eine dynamische Pose zu finden. Wenig und optimal verteiltes Fett und hohe Beweglichkeit sind auch nicht schlecht.

Bianka ist eine zarte Frau, sehr grazil. Wie sie auf den Gleisen zwischen dem hohen, wogenden Gras sitzt, erinnert mich an meine Kindheit, wenn wir auf den Feldrainen versteckte Rehe gefunden haben. Bianka is a gracile woman, very delicate. Sitting on the tracks between the high, rolling grass reminds me of my childhood, when we have found deer hiding in the fields.

Attitude can express a lot. Also turned halfway, it affects the senses. Kim is a vegan and yet makes carnal lust. The picture was taken towards the end of the shoot. So I put her in a relaxed position. Auch halb weg gedreht, wirkt sie nackt ohio point south frau die Sinne. Kim ist Veganer und erzeugt doch Fleischeslust. Das Bild entstand gegen Ende des Shootings. Also habe ich sie in eine entspannte Position gebracht. Ich selbst halte mich auch nicht immer von der sinnlichen Versuchung fern.

The posture has a big influence on the shape of the breasts. Occasionally I see pictures of photographers consciously taking naked women in postures that emphasize their breasts. That does not have to be vulgar. I myself do not always keep away from the sensual temptation.

I think so, she is very body conscious. Anyway, she is happy and can afford this pose well. Even women with pregnant belly can show attitude. The round belly is gorgeous and the plump breasts are a feast for the eyes. The weight tugs at the spine, not at self-confidence. Der Herr hat es sich wirklich bequem gemacht. Aber er hat bestimmt seinen Preis zu zahlen, nackt ohio point south frau die Dame das mitmacht. Of course, not only naked women show attitude.

The Lord has really made himself comfortable. But he certainly has to pay his price for the lady to join in. Schreiben Sie hier Ihre Meinung!

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