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  1. Various cemeteries, too, bear witness to this dark chapter in Limburg's history.

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Yup, I have affiliate links on this blog and there may be some in this amazing and completely free content below. If you book or buy something through these links, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. A while ago I went to the Netherlands to spend a weekend in Maastricht. The city is located right near the border and a lot of Belgians travel there once or more every year to spend the day shopping, however, there are a lot of other fun to do in Maastricht.

The old city center is small but pleasant and has a bunch of attractions, while the presence of the students in the city makes it a really vibrant place. Wondering what to do in Maastricht? I'll tell you below! Don't have time to read this right now? Bookmark, pin or email this post to yourself for later and watch the video recap first:. Maastricht is known as a shopping city, but not everyone crosses the Sint-Servaas bridge from the old center to go shopping on the other side of the Maas river.

The 13 th -century stone St. Servatius Bridge is worth a visit as well by the way. The view you get from the Stenenwal especially. I prefer the smaller boutiques that are spread across the city center, however.

The Dominicanen church, which is located in between the shopping streets, lost its sacred function years ago already. A ton of activities took place here but sincethe church is used as a bookstore with coffee bar and a podium for lectures, debates, and exhibitions. In another words: truely one of the things to see in Maastricht. Not that big, but this square building with its little tower is very present in the marketplace.

It is one of the many sights in Maastricht. During your weekend in Maastricht, you just have to visit the basilica. This impressive church is also located in the old city center and its tower peaks high above the rooftops. You can visit the gate or just choose to walk im looking some good head in maastricht it, from the old city center into the city joey lawrence nackt nackt schwanz along the Maas river.

Blache Dael is a household name in Maastricht. It is im looking some good head in maastricht oldest coffee roasting and tea facility in the Dutch province of Limburg, founded in Each day visitors get to taste a different freshly roasted coffee. They learn how to make the best coffee and are given an explanation about the range available in the store. The Bonnefantenmuseum is a museum of visual arts and is easy to spot across the water when you are walking through the city park thanks to the rocket-shaped tower of the building.

I hope this little list Maastricht things to do and see inspired you to plan your own weekend in the Dutch city. During my weekend in Maastricht, I spent a night at the Hamshire Designhotel Maastricht, located just a 2-minute walk from the central train station, ideal if you're carrying a lot of luggage or simply don't feel like walking too far. The hotel doesn't have its own parking, but there's public parking nearby. The Designhotel has a trendy looking lobby where you can get a glass of water with lemon and mint at any time of the day.

There's also a lounge area where you can play games, plan meetings or that you can rent for special events. There's also a fitness area. First, let's have a look at the room I stayed in, shall we? As soon as I walked in, this is what I saw:. Indeed, a huge bathtub! I've never ever had a huge bathtub in the middle of my hotel room.

How cool is that? My hotel room was actually shaped like an L. One leg of the L had the toilet, a shower both in separate rooms and the bathtub, the other leg had the bed, hangers for clothes and a television. There was a shelf which acted as a desk, but also carried the sink! There was both air conditioning and heating in the room, so you could make it as warm or as cold as you needed.

Coffee and tea supplies were provided, as were toiletries. Oh and the WiFi? Free in the entire hotel. I mentioned briefly that the room didn't have just the bath but also a shower. I should probably also tell you that it was a im looking some good head in maastricht shower with another separate massage-stream shower head. That rain shower was most welcome after a day of wandering through the city.

Another big plus for me were the many electricity plugs. Those always im looking some good head in maastricht in handy when you want to charge your camera, phone, laptop, GoPro and external battery at the same time.

Last but not least, the bed. Usually, when people say the bed was really nice and this bed was really nice — huge, also they are talking about the mattress. Just as important as the mattress, though, are the sheets. Or better: the absence of sheets. I prefer sleeping under a duvet. A duvet stays the same no matter how much you move during the night. Sheets, however, can end up anywhere, including half out of the bed. My bed at the Hampshire — Designhotel was covered with a duvet. Ah, bliss.

I briefly mentioned Brasserie FLO. You can walk from the brasserie into the hotel and vice versa without going outside, but both businesses have separate entrances and you can perfectly have a drink or dinner at Brasserie FLO without staying at the Designhotel. When you do stay at the Designhotel, breakfast is served at Brasserie FLO and you can have a drink at their bar in the evenings.

I was invited by the hotel to have dinner there — something I'm still grateful for as it was a delicious experience. You can also add an extra course if you wish to do so.

First, I had a creamy asparagus soup with bits of asparagus and salmon. It was wonderful. Cream soup is often pretty heavy, but this was so light! Can you see the bubbles on top? This is maybe a strange comparison, but you know when you order a hot chocolate and there are bubbles on top and when you drink from it, it's so light? That's what this was like. A lovely soup. I had it with a piece of bread that had sundried tomatoes mixed in the dough. Brasserie FLO actually works together with the baker across the street for the bread they serve.

For the main course, I hesitated between fish bouillabaisse and what I eventually chose: seared scallops and prawns with curry confided asparagus and a tortellini filled with spinach and shrimps.

It was the waitress who helped me choose and her recommendation couldn't have been better. I absolutely loved this combination. I'm usually not a big asparagus fan, but as it's the season and I really like curry, I thought I had to give it a try and it was spot on. The entire dish just tasted so refined, as I'm sure you can see it looks as well:. I have to say that I was completely full after the main course, but the food had been so good so far that I was very curious about dessert and so I im looking some good head in maastricht in but just asked the waitress to wait a while before bringing me what I'd chosen: lemon cake with lemongrass mousse and im looking some good head in maastricht frozen yoghurt.

I'm so happy I ignored my brain and had this as well. I was afraid the cake would be heavy, but the opposite was true. Both the cake and the mousse were super light and were nicely complemented by some raspberry coulis. I ate those first before ending with the ice cream. It was a perfect meal. I know I've used a lot of superlatives to describe my dinner at Brasserie FLO, but I really can't think of anything negative to add.

The service was super. The waitress helped me decide what to get, frequently came to check if everything was alright and was very willing to answer any questions I had.

The food was delicious, the temperature im looking some good head in maastricht the room just perfect and the im looking some good head in maastricht very fitting, with lovely French music playing in the background. If you're wondering where to go in Maastricht for a lovely dinner, this is it. Read more reviews on TripAdvisor. Would I recommend you to stay at the Hampshire — Designhotel Maastricht? The rooms are unique, the collaboration with Brasserie FLO is a great plus and the location, right by the train station and im looking some good head in maastricht a five-minute walk from the center, is ideal.

Check availability, prices and reviews. Traveling to Maastricht from outside the EU and want to stay connected so you can share photos, call loved ones over WiFi and easily use apps like Google Maps? Then check out Skyroam mobile WiFi. They offer both day passes and monthly subscriptions providing you with 4G throughout your trips. I've been using their daily passes not just when I travel outside the EU no roaming charges for me in the EU but also as a backup for when I think I'll go over my phone's data plan.

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you book or buy anything through them, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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