Big Brother concept inspired several producers in the world to create a similar show in their respective country. The very first popular reality show in the USA aired on July 5 th The popularity of the show demanded season two, and it aired on television on July 5, The show reached thirty episodes only, and the winner of the Big Brother Will Kirby won the S2 with a five to two jury vote. Will got an opportunity from the reality show to become the jury in the to seasons.

The season three aired on July 10,and it completed thirty-three episodes. Lisa Donahue beat Danielle Reyes on September 25,to become the season three winner. The jury voted nine to one, and it made Lisa the winner of the S3. However, Song won the hearts of the jury, and they voted six to one. Drew Daniel is the only housemate, who won the Head of Household four times. The season seven aired on July 6,on CBS. The producers decided to call all previous contestants of the Big Brother for S7, and the concept never repeated.

The Big Brother S8 aired on July 5, Evel defeated his daughter Daniele Donato and the concept of the season was three pairs of enemies participate in the show together. Adam Jasinski defeated the fellow housemate Ryan Quicksall with the majority of the jury votes six to one. The writing team applied the couple pairing concept, and the elimination includes the couples. On September 16,Memphis Garrett beat big brother natalie cunial nackt Gheesling with a seven to zero jury vote.

The production team introduced a twist big brother natalie cunial nackt splitting four high school-like teams, and the interest level increased among the audience. Later on, she appeared in S13 and Jordan became part of the Amazing Race reality show. The production team announced that twist of the season is alliance and Hayden joined hands with Enzo, Matt, and Lane. Moss big brother natalie cunial nackt his spot in the top reife frauen stehen spread pussy went on winning the title with a jury vote of Later on, he got another opportunity to participate in Survivorand Miss got placed on the seventh position.

She beat Porsche Briggs with a four to three jury vote and claimed the title of Big Brother season 13 on September 14, Terry beat the returning previous season winner Dan Gheesling with a six to one jury vote on September 19, The production team decided to add four former players and one of them reached the finals.

Herren is the first gay contestant and winner of the reality show to this date. The S16 started on June 25,and it ended with 40 episodes. Levasseur defeated Cody Calafiore with a seven to two jury vote. Moses won the season seventeen of Big Brother on September 23,and the contestants spent 90 days in the house.

The season eighteen big brother natalie cunial nackt on June 22,and it ended on September 21, big brother natalie cunial nackt, with four returns. After spending 99 days in the house, the winner of the S18 Franzel won with five to four jury vote. She defeated Paul Abrahamian in the finale and took the prize money home. The Big brother natalie cunial nackt started on June 28,it ended on September 20,and the contestants spent 92 days in big brother natalie cunial nackt house.

The Season 20 started on June 27,and it ended on September 26,with Kaycee Noelle Clark as the winner of the season. The Big Brother originally a Dutch TV series inspired big brother natalie cunial nackt world to use the concept in their countries. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Table of Contents. Photo Source: Instagram Will Kirby. Photo Source: Instagram Lisa Donahue.

Photo Source: Instagram Jun Song. Photo Source: Instagram Nicole Franzel. Spread the love. Top 15 Most Beautiful German Women. View all posts. You may also like.

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