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  1. Note: Due South and Sentinel pairings are coded by character and rating.

  2. Katharine is pink turbo ranger and pilots both the Wind Chaser Turbozord and later on she pilots the Wind Rescue Rescuezord.

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Cancel Apply In fact, Adam was pretty sure that was part of why Fury had approached him in the first place. Stephen Strange finds out that his daughter is one of the Power Rangers.

Will Kira be able to save her own father? With the remaining Avengers, Tommy Oliver and his friends attempt to regain what adult power ranger fan fic lost, while years later, the last of humanity struggle to get a time machine to prevent the universe from being conquered by the Machine Empire.

The Rangers follow Zedd and Rita into a universe populated by some major heroes. The two sides have to work together as Zedd and Rita have found an ally whose power can threaten two universes.

No longer are they normal high school students. Can they handle the stress or will they succumb to evil forces? Has comic characters, next gen characters, and OCs! Ranger Avengers by robert reviews The Powers that be sends a champion with the power to make a difference. A legend from another world will fight beside another and the Avengers will rise. Silver Soulmates 3 by Sarra Torrens Third round. Enjoy Rated T. Rated T. Adult power ranger fan fic hope you enjoy!

Chances by SouthernLoner reviews sometimes greatness is thrust upon you Tony learns his daughter is a power ranger and father-daughter spat ensues only to be interrupted by Zeltrax and tyrannadrones. Tony is captured and taken to Mesogog who plans to use him against both the rangers and the Avengers. Will Shaelynn be able to save her father? Terms of Service.

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