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However, in order to potentially unlock some rare items you will have to go the extra mile and complete hidden objectives in each PQ in order to achieve what the game calls Ultimate Finish. While rare drops are not always guaranteed, your chances are better if you can trigger these special finishes. Hidden objectives for each Parallel Quest will be detailed in this guide, along with items of interest for certain missions.

Look on if you wish to achieve your final form! Something to keep in mind: While completing the applicable saga will grant you access to the related Parallel Quests, certain quests will not show up on your list. To begin these quests simply run around Toki Toki and look for major characters with blue question marks above their heads, and interact with them.

Xenoverse dragon ball alle zeichen these Quests are completed they will be added to your main Parallel Quest list. Hidden Objectives: a.

Clear under 5 minutes. Defeat Piccolo. Prepare for the Attack of Saiyans! Main Objective:Defeat Gohan and Piccolo.

Defeat Goku. Defeat Gohan. Defeat Nappa. No Saibaman escape. Defeat all revived Saiyans. Clear with Nappa surviving. Defeat Revived Goku. Burst Open and Mix! Clear within 10 minutes. Defeat the Time Patroller. Beat Guldo. Get all 7 Dragon Balls.

Defeat Ginyu Burter xenoverse dragon ball alle zeichen Jeice. Defeat Ginyu. Fierce Battle! Defeat Frieza. Clear within 5 minutes.

Defeat Frieza and revived enemies. Main Objective: Defeat Goku and Krillin. Defeat Krillin before Goku. Defeat Super Saiyan Goku. Clear under 3 minutes. Befriend Vegeta and Vegeta Survives. Defeat SSJ Vegeta. Defeat revived Vegeta.

Return of Ginyu Force! Main Objective: Defeat all Ginyu Force members. Clear with Vegeta sehr junge schwarze teen haarige Gohan transformed. Defeat Revived Xenoverse dragon ball alle zeichen. Multiple Cell Jr. Defeat Cell. Defeat Piccolo and Goku before Gohan. Win without defeating Cell.

Earth in Danger! Main Objective: Defeat Cell. Defeat all enemies. Defeat all Revived Enemies. Perfect Cell! Defeat revived Cell. Clear in 10 minutes. Defeat Revived Gohan and Cell. Vegeta and Piccolo Survive. Defeat Android 17 xenoverse dragon ball alle zeichen Defeat Trunks. Beat all Cell Jr. Defeat Cell and revived 17 and Take Back the Dragon Balls! Main Objective: Recover 6 Dragon Balls. Get All 7 Dragon balls. Clear under 5 minutes b. Defeat all Enemies that appear.

Great Saiyaman Survives. Defeat revived Frieza and Cell. Defeat Majin Buu. Clear in 5 minutes b. Defeat SSJ3 Goku. Defeat Revived Piccolo. Defeat Revived Hercule. Clear in 5 minutes. Defeat Ultimate Gohan. Defeat Hercule and Revived Majin Buu. Defeat Super Vegito. Blast the Super Spirit Bomb! Main Objective: Defeat Kid Buu. Hidden Objective: a. Majin Buu survives. Defeat Revived Kid Buu. Defeat Videl and Piccolo before Gohan b. Clear without any allies being defeated.

Defeat Whis. Main Objective: Defeat all enemies. Defeat Gotenks before Vegito. Clear in 3 minutes. Clear xenoverse dragon ball alle zeichen defeating 3 enemies.

Defeat revived Beerus. Defeat Goku and Revived Gohan and Vegeta. Clear by defeating all enemies. Get all 7 Dragon balls. Super-Super Ultimate Series of Battles! Defeat Vegito and Gotenks. Clear in 10 minutes b. Raditz and Nappa survive the mission.

Defeat Vegito. Defeat Bardock, Raditz, and Goku. Goku survives. Defeat Revived Broly. Dangerous Duo!

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