Dating Abroad. It is no surprise that in the last few years there has been an increase in the amount of blogs touching the subject of traveling alone to distant countries and cities and seducing foreign women. As a writer on the subject of masculinity and single lifestyle, I believe traveling alone or with male friends is one of the best tools for self improvement.

I traveled to Vilnius in the summer of I had one of my best mates join me for the first week and stayed by myself for another 2 weeks — making the total stay around 23 days long. The remaining two lays and the blowjob where the results of Tinder game 20, 21 and It is a very cheap country by Western standards but the quality of life is actually pretty good — woman for oral sex in vilnius least in Vilnius. A very important reason for me was the fact that the city has not been spoiled by drunken western tourists yet.

I had the feeling it would be a perfect place to seduce Lithuanian girls, and as it turned out I was not wrong. So before I black bbw big lizz cj wright you a detailed account of what Lithuanian girls are like, let me explain a few things about their dating culture. First, you should know this about Vilnius — it is a traditional society that values monogamous relationships over adventures or one night stands. Although this conservative dating culture is slowly becoming more westernized, it poses a serious obstacle to your objective as a player — namely, banging Lithuanian girls.

There is something else you should know about the dating market in Lithuania — there are simply many more woman for oral sex in vilnius than men. As a result, demographics clearly work in our favor. That is something that baffled me when I first arrived in the city, and had I not been successful in my conquers I would have been slightly bitter about it.

There is a lot to be said about Lithuanian girls, as they possess some unique traits that make them suitable for both short term adventures and long term relationships. Aesthetically, the first thing one notices woman for oral sex in vilnius women in Lithuania is how amazing their hair is. A staggering 8 out of 10 women I spoke to had blue eyes — with green and brown eyes being more prominent among Slavic women.

Because of this fierce competition I mentioned earlier, Lithuanian girls force themselves to stay slim and fit — meaning the obesity rates are extremely low. One of my dates actually said:.

The average girl walks around with small tits and a flat ass. It is simply refreshing to be able to converse about Russian literature on a date or have a beautiful feminine woman holding your arm as you enter the Opera. The downside of that intelligence and womanly intuition woman for oral sex in vilnius that Lithuanian women are not gullible and will probably be suspicious of your intent — often coming across as cold and introverted.

They understand game and can be a tough nut to crack — but even icebergs melt when it is warm enough. Lithuanian women in Vilnius dress with a sense of style and elegance that will be a welcome sight for anyone coming from the west. I guess it helped that I went there in the summer and the girls were happy to wear short dresses and heels to show off their legs and skin. As for what you should wear, dress up and make an effort.

The effort will be rewarded. A nice blazer, watch, and dress shoes will go far. The majority of women you will find in Vilnius are ethnic Lithuanian women — although there is an important amount of Russian and Polish blood around because of all the shared history.

Something I noticed was the amount of Russian speakers increasing during weekends, since Vilnius is apparently a shopping destination for Belarusians — and Minsk is only a couple of hours away.

In order to meet those sexy Lithuanian girls, you should be prepared to work hard. Therefore, it is as simple as screening them to find the most interesting prospects and putting your weapons to work.

The rejections Woman for oral sex in vilnius experienced were elegant and soft, but clear — this saved me a lot of valuable time and energy. Most Lithuanian girls were easy to approach but hard to isolate, and they seemed to be at the club for the music and dancing with their female friends rather than to meet mysterious foreigners. Corny clubs — but cheap cocktails and good female to woman for oral sex in vilnius ratios. Update, December Salento is open again according to the owner.

Daygame in Vilnius was challenging — but also rewarding. I got quite a few rejections and quickly became desensitized, but the ones that hooked did so strongly. All I did was craft an interesting profile with cool pictures, mentioning I was a Spanish guy staying in the city for quite a while.

I had 78 matches by the time I boarded the plane and got around 30 more during my stay in the city. Terasas terraces are phenomenal places to visit because the vibe is just great, especially in the late evening. The main and best terasa in the city is Vasaros Terasa. Such an atmosphere makes it easy to approach women left and right. I regret to admit I only banged one girl Woman for oral sex in vilnius met at Vasaros Terasa — a sexy 19 year old rocker I approached while she was watching a live DJ set one night.

Through the magical process of trial and error, I have come up with a few tips that will speed up the process and increase your rate of success. Based on all the data and woman for oral sex in vilnius I gathered, I developed a blueprint which I believe is optimal to seduce Lithuanian girls. My blueprint to maximize the chances of sleeping with Lithuanian women consists of 3 dates. After meeting the girl for the first time be it in person or virtually sexy voll dachte frauen nackt ficken getting her number, claim you are in need of an quality tour guide and officially name her your sexy guide to Vilnius.

This type of banter date results in something powerful — it helps build comfort, and she will start by showing you the typical touristy places first and will gradually move on to her favourite secret spots as she gets more comfortable around you. She is not the guide anymore. You are leading tonight and she should feel lucky to be out and about with a mysterious foreign man. You will probably notice other women checking you out — which means your date will notice it too.

Now is when you should use the best weapons in your seduction arsenal. Be bolder in your escalation, but remember to keep everything PG13 in public. As the date comes to an end you will have to assess whether she is DTF or needs another couple of days to be ripe and juicy.

I like to brag about my mushroom Risotto and tell women they can be my sous chef or bring dessert as a way to thank me. The hard work is done and she knows what the deal is. Greet her with a passionate kiss when she walks in but promptly turn your focus towards the task at hand — which should be cooking a quality meal while she helps you and you share a bottle of wine together.

Once I started running that woman for oral sex in vilnius on my Lithuanian girls, it became much easier to close the deal. I hope this little guide helps you seduce beautiful Lithuanians if woman for oral sex in vilnius ever decide to stop by the Baltic jewel that is Vilnius — I know I will be returning soon. Unfortunately, the guy who wrote this original article has shut down his blog.

He and I, and a few other people, did spend some time in Vilnius. Here are my thoughts about Vilnius and the Lithuanian women who reside there. They just have a bit less of the straight Slavic look and a little bit more of the Polish or perhaps Nordic look to them. It makes sense why the public displays of affection are not so welcome. Everybody knows everybody. That said, the people and Lithuanian women are incredibly pleasant.

But, if you are looking to just rack up the numbers, I think staying in Vilnius more than a month would reach a point of diminishing returns. Prague woman for oral sex in vilnius felt small to me. Vilnius did. That 1 million-population mark tends to give that kind of vibe. Vilnius and Lithuanian women might be a fit for you.

Again though, I think it would be hard for any long-term stay. I will say this: Vilnius is incredibly clean, charming, and very livable as far as logistics and quality of life assuming you can be happy with the smallness of it. Balkan countries tend to be very closed-off societies.

If you go to a club in Belgrade, for example, all the social groups will be standing around their own table, not doing much but hanging out with each other. Whereas, in Vilnius, I felt like I was actually welcome as a foreigner and could just go hang out casually in bars and clubs and find people to talk to.

In Belgrade, you could literally stand all night in a club by yourself and have no one to talk to, because everyone is with their friends. I went to Vilnius way long ago…way before apps and such. In addition to the hot chicks, there is also woman for oral sex in vilnius lot of history, especially their recent Soviet past.

So two woman for oral sex in vilnius things — you get hot chicks, and your not-so-avg history trip. Serbia and Romania may be the next place to go for cheap trip, cheap? Nice, I should do same and book it for summer! Every one talks about Croatia. Oh dude…5k is more than enough to do it. While this woman for oral sex in vilnius was written by a friend, I was in Vilnius for ten days in August. Well in any case, thanks for the link! This gives me better numbers to work with now schwarz lesbische schlampen essen pussy more efficiently plan my trip.

They are gold-diggers like most women. Any westerner is seen wealthier than the local men. Also, the possibility of living abroad with you will be seen as an advantage.

Also one thing these girls are very materialistic if you have money they will stay with you. Love means nothing to them. This is from experience! The reason was I was not ambitious enough for her. And that statement proves it. You signed your own death wish. The way you demean women on this site demonstrates what a low life you are.

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