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Skip to main content. See All Buying Options. Have one to sell? Sell on Amazon. Image Unavailable Image not available for Color:. Princess Of Mars. Learn more. Product details Package Dimensions : 7.

Customer reviews. How are ratings calculated? Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon.

It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Customer images. See all customer images. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. This is not the movie you're looking for. I love ERB novels; they're trash, but I still enjoy reading them. No, none of the science works out, but he wrote Princess of Mars inso I think it's ok to cut him some slack.

What's unforgivable however, is 2-armed Tharks. I'm sure they didn't have the budget, so whatever, but 2-armed Tharks is just wrong. Dejah Thoris is of course also just white, and blonde. Worse is they transposed the story to Afghanistan. So he's supposed to be a soldier out wandering in Afghanistan alone.

Good thing they have him backed up on a memory stick! Worse is they make the villain a traitorous Afghani, because, of course, all Afghanis are treacherous. Racism much? To sum up: stupid cheap mit dem brasilianischen model ana mara, borderline racist.

Give it a pass. Right away I knew it'd be bad. It seems like they were trying to fit elements in this movie from more than just this first Barsoom book, but from others in the series as well. To be able to make this review I had to rate it, so that's why one star, cuz I wanted to give -5 stars instead. Burroughs is rolling in his grave over this. I can't decide if this was the worst movie I've ever seen, or the second worst movie I've ever seen.

I can't believe I bought the wrong bleeping version! It's the exploitation of great titles to make big bucks on sewage. Worst possible choices in casting. Sloppy prosthetic makeup. Terrible acting. And even though it's starring a porn star in a role that would have depicted her character authentically as adorned nude, she wasn't This show has all the quality of a cheap porno without the porn.

Therefore, no redeeming qualities, whether you approach it from either a morally upright mind or dirty mind. And action sequences? What a joke! This version of John Carter of Mars is an insult to the franchise, old fans, and anyone even a little bit curious.

I put this DVD straight into the shredder. One star is six too many. I watched it to the end to see if it might get any better but it only got worse. It's a good thing I didn't eat dinner as I probably would have thrown it up watching this movie.

This would be a 5 on the "Meh" scale, if such a negative scale were commonly used. How come a trained special ops guy can't kill the bad guy in 2 seconds? They are also trained to eat bugs and just about anything, so why was he so hesitant when no other food was around? Why would Tharks call their planet Mars? Whats with not calling him "Virginia"? They left out so many key elements and completely glossed over others Don't waste your time.

Edgar Rice Burroughs is rolling over in his grave. Appalling adaptation with flat acting, god-awful effects and kinda racist. And how in blue blazes did the Afghani merchant end up on Barsoom anyways???? One person found this helpful. Writing dull and uninteresting. Camerawork sloppy and dizzying. If the people acting in a movie cannot even be bothered to give a heck, then why should the audience.

The movie was no good even by cheesy B-movie standards. Let's see See all reviews from the United States. Nicht von dieser erde traci lords nude international reviews. Translate all reviews to English. Maybe a few observations but no downright spoilers. Ok if nicht von dieser erde traci lords nude are familiar with books you have two options.

One, if you have a strong stomach, a brave heart, and a colossally forgiving nature then by all means get it. Oh and because its technology driven you don't have to be JC to get to do it mutter ficken ihre eigenen sohne hint - This kind of minimises the specialness of JC.

Also in the books no one had clothing. I sort of get why this is a problem for modern films BUT when you think about it just wearing clothes alter s the subtext of the story ERB was trying to tell.

Deja - am I on another planet? I must be because if Ms. Lords Is Deja then I'm the sultan of brunai. I know this was on a tight budget but there must have been better actresses Lord knows know pun intended that she didn't have a lot to say or dowho could have brought the full character of Deja out more and not have a paunch and look a little bit nicht von dieser erde traci lords nude. I bet your right now thinking of at mixed black teen girl verbreiten 3 who would be better.

I suspect that given the budget the producers were counting on a little sizzle the TL name would add to the flogging of the movie. Budget wise women willing to fuck in bern I know they didn't have the resources of avatar BUT men in suits and masks? Only two arms? To summarise - This film barely stands on its own - let alone as something supposed to be based on t he ERB stories.

NO because it tried and the single seat fliers were ok and there was a story and a point and sadly I have seen many many worse nicht von dieser erde traci lords nude. Thank you for nicht von dieser erde traci lords nude feedback. Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again. This is a typical si fi romp, it bares a passing resemblence to the book of the same title, but not really enough.

Forgetting the novel it is supposed to be based nicht von dieser erde traci lords nude and you get the usual human superhero saving a planet. The dialogue at times is poor, the acting stilted, and the plot thin. Overall it works though and although the ending has sequal stamped all over it, none yet appears to have been made, which is a pity as it certainly deserves one.

Although the film is decidedly "low budget" it excepts that limitation and works within it, no masses of poor animated aliens getting shot to peaces, just close ups of the hero blasting away then looking at the wall of dead. Nicht von dieser erde traci lords nude did enjoy this film.

Finally for those who can remember the Star Wars film, Return of the Jedi, that bikini is given pride of place here. This is a low budget version of ERB's novel of the same name, remarkably filmed in less than a fortnight.

It's been adapted for film, so John Carter is transformed from a civil war vet to an active US agent in the near east, "Mars" is a planet in another solar system where the injured Carter is sent by a secret US agency rather than our mars in the past that he's been drawn to by mystic means - one expects such things when a novel nicht von dieser erde traci lords nude adapted for film - but personaly I think Nicht von dieser erde traci lords nude original was a better story.

The low budget means there's none of the novel's 6 limbed wariors or 8 legged steeds or red egg-laying humans shamenevertheless it is an entertaining SF action romp, and worth more than a single viewing.

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