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When I moved to Berlin in the cold, gray winter some years back, one of the first things my German boyfriend suggested we do was go to a sauna.

And although it was awkward and uncomfortable at first, I now think that going into a public sauna naked is a relaxing, culturally interesting experience that everyone in Berlin should try at least once.

First off, being naked in public in Germany is no big deal. And when it comes fkk sauna girls nackt gif saunas, the German logic is that being naked is healthier. Clothes or towels can block toxins and bacteria from leaving the body, not to mention make you overheat. Seriously, the ratio is like Before getting in, you should always take a shower. Your dripping sweat will not be appreciated anywhere but on said towel; otherwise, fkk sauna girls nackt gif yourself for angry looks.

Last but not least, the sauna is traditionally a quiet zone -- talking is allowed, but usually nobody does it and in such a space, it can also get pretty annoying anyway. So be a dear motorrad nackte girls und boys sex save the tale of your last Tinder date for later, OK?

Otherwise, you could find yourself closely surrounded by more German sausage than you may feel comfortable with. Throughout the fkk sauna girls nackt gif, saunas also get especially packed during Aufguss, which is when the Saunameister brings out scented oils that are released into the hot air. Liquidrom is a trendy and popular spa in Kreuzberg, where staff are always on hand to explain the health benefits of saunas, and perform rituals like water casting swinging a towel to move the steam around inside.

Throughout the day, employees also give out free goodies like salt and honey to rub on your body. Check the schedule here. It offers a traditional sauna experience, but also lower-temperature options that are perfect for newbies.

The Kristall-Saunatherme in Ludwigsfelde, around a half-hour train ride from the city, is about as close as a spa can get to a naturist colony. People eat, swim, and sauna all day long in the nude. And your towels. Barbara Woolsey is a writer who also recently went pants-less at a Berlin nightclub. You should read that storytoo.

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