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Just in time for Christmas, Pure Flix Entertainment has released Wish for Christmasa heartwarming film celebrating the true meaning of faith and family charlie leigh allyn baker nackt the holidays.

However, because of her parents' strong faith in God, she has to skip charlie leigh allyn baker nackt town's winter dance for a Christmas Eve service at church. Infuriated, Anna makes a Christmas wish reminiscent of that made by George Bailey in the iconic Christmas film It's a Wonderful Life : "I wish my parents didn't believe it God," she says. However, when her wish comes true, Anna's life doesn't exactly go as planned. While she initially enjoys the change, she soon realizes how her parent's faith positively affected every aspect of her family's life - and how empty life is without God.

As Anna sees the negative change in her parents, she desperately attempts to reverse her wish while at the same time discovering her need for God and the true meaning of Christmas. We are a very materialistic nation - our hopes and dreams rise and fall on what we get or don't viel gluck. And, that's so empty and unfulfilling.

If you don't have people and love in charlie leigh allyn baker nackt life, then really, it's not very rewarding. Wish for Christmas is chock-full of life lessons, and through a charming script and top-notch acting, charlie leigh allyn baker nackt the importance of grace, selflessness, and faith. With a PG rating, the film is perfect for the whole family.

A lot of faith-based movies are doing well now, and I think it's fantastic, but wouldn't it be great if more movies shared both the faith message but were also entertaining? Faith-based movies are becoming successful to where they need to be good, too, good quality. I think this one reaches that level. And, to those disillusioned by viel gluck commercialism of Christmas, Baker says it's important to remember that all elements of Christmas - from Christmas trees to gift-giving - point to Jesus Christ.

I wouldn't suggest fighting the season and the celebration of it, as much as switching your perspective of enjoying and embrace it. At the end of the day, homemade gifts are much more appreciated and heartfelt. Viel gluck the heart of when we share our generations and love and compassion for other people.

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