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Please, do a post on her. I'm begging you. You really need to work on your pick up lines. His lines worked on me. Yeah, that Kirsten can be a hotty — a lot of weight fluctuation but not bad — her nude pics are sweet though. This was how they went about it. It WAS aired. They used 3D modeling of her butt to create an analog for use in the myth about an overweight lady getting her butt stuck in an airplane toilet after flushing.

I think 16 was the time they tried to duplicate the myth of a woman being vacuum sealed to the toilet on an aircraft by air pressure change. Definitely not her. She arsch ava big round tit fire my Barrett 0. Kari is without argument hot, but Kirsten is my girlie crush. Why would that stop you? I have read and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Upload Profile. Like this post?

Good call HHNF. Ur doin it rong. A swing and a miss Always Last. Seems too good to be true. Darrn Cominsky. Even D. Ranger Danger. Leslie Part. Alex Sim-Wise british glamour modelnot Kari Byron. We love you Kari. Fap fap fap. Kari is smoking fucking hot. Larry not cable. Pic She is alex simwise, model from united kingdom. Turd Ferguson. My redhead is much hotter than this. This one has no ass. Massively overrated. I like her, always have.

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