According to the organizer the winners don't just have to be beautiful but must be intelligent, well-mannered, and cultured. The participants in these pageants are judged on three specific aspects; evening gown wear, swimsuits, and personality interviews. Indeed every competitor is beautiful, after all this is a beauty pageant.

But some of zuleyka rivera miss nude universe winners are not among the most zuleyka rivera miss nude universe of the group and from time to time, do not deserve their title.

Over the past two decades there have been questionable winners and contestants, and some have even had their crowns revoked for bad behavior. Take a look at the following entries, these women are among the most disappointing beauty pageant winners.

Even though this Miss Universe winner is beautiful, most people were disappointed when she was crowned at the Miss Universe pageant.

Miss Puerto Rico was dethroned in after allegedly making death threats to the beauty pageant staff. Now this story is just sad, Katie Rees was crowned Miss Nevada back in and was loved by the crowd. She was even enjoying the new fame and opportunities that come from such a title but that all went south pretty darn fast.

Not long after being crowned, Miss Nevada had her sash taken away and the reason is horrible. The winner of Zuleyka rivera miss nude universe Universe in took a lot of heat and backlash from the zuleyka rivera miss nude universe who did not think she deserved to win. We can understand the viewers though, the winner should be a natural beauty otherwise it's not a fair win. While dining at a restaurant, Evans decided to skip out on the bill without paying.

In fact some were dubbing it a huge upset. There is nothing particularly unattractive about Mori but it can be argued that she is plain looking at best. Mori also publicly admitted that she had lip injections done in order to look better. It seems that Donald Trump is notorious for picking women from Venezuela to win the competition and when Gabriela Isler was crowed as Miss Universe in people were not happy.

In fact some said she was one of the worst winners in history. This is a story that most of you zuleyka rivera miss nude universe remember, back inthis beauty won the Miss California pageant and was soon dethroned due to 'contract violations'.

The sad part is that Prejean had a few marks against her. She made negative statements about same-sex marriage which had most people angry with her already. She is no longer considered a winner but rather an example for future contestants. The winner of Miss Universe in became the center of much controversy when other contestants started rumors that Culpo was actually born a male.

Culpo got a lot of hate when she took the crown, many people thought that the results weren't fair considering she was a semi celeb at the time. The public quickly took to the internet to bash her saying that she looked ordinary, like a little girl and only won because the contest took place in the USA.

As the longtime girlfriend of Nick Jonas this winner certainly knows how to get attention, good or bad. Gloria Diaz, winner of the Miss Universe pageant from the Philippines is perhaps the worst winner in terms of how upset people were when she won. Now without being too vain we must remember this is a 'beauty pageant' and a large portion of what these girls are judged on is their looks.

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