I spent hours poring over profiles, bios and stats, looking at poorly lighted digital pictures and videos of awkward faces uttering tightly rehearsed self-promotional pitches. I narrowed the flash mob of candidates to six. Then I ansicht von hinten von big hairy pussy Drew for his approval.

Together we had a decision to make. Ansicht von hinten von big hairy pussy for Drew, who spent 12 years overseeing reality programming for MTV, this was proving to be just another casting session, albeit for the significant supporting role of egg donor.

For all those who are desperate to stop gay couples from adopting, there are others who are eager to help us down a more complex path to parenthood.

Drew and I found each other via similar means, an online dating site. We used the kind of systemized vetting that, these days, takes the place of destiny. There were so many more variables and bigger questions to ponder. If she was blond, athletic and Harvard-educated, she thought she was ansicht von hinten von big hairy pussy 30 grand. Everybody wants their children to have the best, but this process threatened to bankrupt us even without all the premium options.

Besides, who knew what that money would really buy? And how would we explain it to him? We got you, and she got a Porsche. For us, two men who struggle over which Netflix movie to watch, this decision could stretch on long after our biological clocks had run out. But with that simple ansicht von hinten von big hairy pussy, it got even more complicated. Susie was everything an egg donor should be: kind, beautiful, smart, a gifted artist and, at 28, practically at the peak of her fertility.

They talk on the phone nearly every day, make the same facial expressions, laugh at the ansicht von hinten von big hairy pussy dirty jokes, have the same mercurial temper.

Drew was constantly trying to persuade Susie to move to Los Angeles, where we live. He offered to lease an apartment for her, find her a job, do whatever it took to have her close by. All along Drew and I had wondered whose sperm we would use. With Susie, the matter was settled: I would be the biological father. Yet for the first time, Drew and I were also able to imagine what it would be like to have a child who had genetic roots in both family trees.

What would she look like? How would he act? How would our respective features merge into one warbling little miracle? Now we were giddy with the possibilities of reproduction that most straight couples take for granted.

She was young and unattached. So was she prepared for someone else to have her ansicht von hinten von big hairy pussy And how would she explain this particular brand of baggage madchen nackt fotos mit panty a potential husband someday?

Most of all, would she be satisfied always being Aunt Susie to this child and never, you know, the m-word? Drew and I had doubts, but Susie considered it a done deal. This was her brother, and if he needed eggs, damn it, he was going to take hers. When the day of the extraction finally came, the hard part was supposed to be over. Of those, two failed to fertilize. The physician spoke about her fertility the way Al Gore describes the polar ice caps: Time is running out, and it may already be too late.

We all agreed the only option was to implant the three embryos and begin an excruciating wait. It was two days before Christmas, and we all were trying our best to talk about anything but babies.

My cellphone rang, and a hush fell over the room. A few weeks later, we joined our surrogate for her first ultrasound, where an even bigger surprise awaited. From the grainy soup on the sonogram monitor, two peanut shapes emerged. Drew and I were going ansicht von hinten von big hairy pussy be the fathers of twins.

Our son and daughter are now 10 months old, and when I look at them I see traces of each of us. Susie gets to witness it all, because her frequent phone calls with Drew have become video chats with our whole family. And as I watch Drew proudly showing off our children for her, I realize the gift Susie has given us is much more valuable than just a genetic link to our offspring.

But what exactly would Susie be sacrificing? The outlook was bad for us, devastating for Susie. Home Page World U.

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