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  1. Add a black fedora, black and red striped shirt, and the infamous Freddy glove and there you have it, the stuff nightmares are made of!

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When freddy krueger gesicht make up movie characters take the leap from the silver screen to the pages freddy krueger gesicht make up a comic book, the results are usually a mixed bag.

But there are some terror icons who have flourished in this unique style of storytelling, entering new realms of creative debauchery that never could have been achieved on camera.

We meet a young woman named Alison who, like so many other Springwood teens before her, is being terrorized by Krueger in her dreams. Enter Dr. Juliann Quinn, a gifted freddy krueger gesicht make up and one of the original Elm Street children. She soon encounters Alison and the two team up to try and take Freddy out once and for all. Its imagery is intense: the burnt corpses of children whisper warnings to Dr. All of these dark imaginings are brought to life in the beautifully detailed black and hot nude teens ficken hart illustrations of Tony DeZuniga Jonah Hex and Alfredo Alacala Fantastic Four.

We learn that, as a young man, Freddy would escape into his mind and dream of new worlds where he could enact his twisted urges. When those impulses became too strong to resist, he eventually started acting them out in reality as the Springwood Slasher.

Then, after he was burnt alive by the parents of Elm Street, he was somehow able to tap into the dreamworld thanks to his early mastering of his own fantasies. There were other Elm Street comic book adaptions released as the years went by, but while some were certainly entertaining, none matched the dark tone of the original.

Patrick Brennan is a writer and critic who loves horror, comics, and horror-comics. He lives in New Brunswick with his wife, son, and very needy cat.

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