By Colombo Telegraph —. Click here to see the untied photo. The video clearly demonstrates a pattern of woeful consistency of the Sri Lankan forces. Most of the female armed and unarmed combatants, and civilians are always stripped naked or their ls madchen nude spread eagle and down to their knees and the bras are either missing or near their neck, exposing the breast of teenage girls or young women. Only a few men are stripped naked. Click here to watch the video.

Check more related images here. Sickening to say the least. The past is gone and irretrievable. The government should not continue being a racist outfit now and do justice by the Tamils in north and east. Servila; You are right that all Sinhalese are not Sinhalese Buggers. This is what I wrote of Sinhalese buggers and Sinhalese fellows.

Now ls madchen nude spread eagle missing the bus there, you fellows want me to detail some thing LTTE had done, which you thing needs to be investigated or prosecuted? You are out of your damn mind if you think that I will do it. What were you all doing all these bloody years. I refer to those Sinhalese who expect me to go to the international bodies and complain about the LTTE who have alleged to have killed 1, Sinhalese civilians in 33 years.

Strange you all are not doing it. Rajapakses have enough money from the people of Sri Lanka to hire their well paid attorneys and lobbyist to do that. The agenda ls madchen nude spread eagle are fallowing is affiliated with so many????????. Imagine that Thousands Of innocent Humans perished not on their faults. I think none of yours, but so many many from others.

As per my Little education and Knowledge, a little advise. I am merely suggesting that you share all the evidence you have of war crimes, in an unedited, uncensored way, rather than drip feed what you and your lawyers think will lead us in the direction you want.

I am not asking to see the evidence myself — I find such images as you have shared with us extremely disturbing. Rather, I am asking you to cooperate fully with international efforts to understand the truth about ALL ls madchen nude spread eagle crimes and mistakes that were made during ls madchen nude spread eagle war.

I think the people of the world have the right to know what happened so they can judge, reasonably, who was responsible for what. Let the police do their job, and cooperate with them fully. I am not concerned with the race, religion or language spoken by the people, many now dead, who suffered during the war years. Responsibility for crimes is important, and justice should be impartial.

It also helps if Tamils show concern for Singhalese lives and Singhalese show concern for Tamil lives. Regarding the videos you have asked us to watch, why are they in low resolution and black and white? Tim King, who posted these videos on his SalemReporter website told me that this is the way they received the clips. I am not aware of mobile phones that record in black and white. You wrote: Regarding the videos you have asked us to watch, why are they in low resolution ls madchen nude spread eagle black and white?

Your line of questioning ls madchen nude spread eagle nothing but sickening. Well what do you think happened in this case? The owner of the phone does not know, and did not give permission to copy the data, either.

But in war crimes it does not matter. You seem to be a technical expert, which I am not. I only know the facts of how it was obtained and this time ls madchen nude spread eagle have freaking live bodies to explain. You can be rest assured that was done by me personally.

Go read about that subject, or I will be happy to give you some links for your own knowledge. Homeland Security. There is a preponderance of this evidence and tons of other evidence to suggest that war crimes and crimes against humanity.

It is the duty, and responsibility of ls madchen nude spread eagle US to investigate such alleged crimes. The US criminals should be given the benefit of the doubt, and should be given a fair trial after proper investigations which has been promised.

The wheels of justice take a lot of time and delay. That is why there is an absolute need for independent international investigations in addition to US investigations, which is different, as that is the US law.

Even without that, US courts are wide open, where US citizens have no immunity there. As for providing complaints of LTTE killing a thousand Sinhala civilians in years, I have no objection in that too being investigated.

But it is the Sinhalese who are preventing such investigations. I have said it on Al Jazeera TV a couple of times that Tamils have no problem with that, but you fellows and the GOSL, US citizens who are accused of such war crimes need to bring it to the investigators.

Not me. Good question. No problem mate. Stop barking at us when we discover horrible war crimes and pick hairs on the resolutions of the film? First and foremost come to the table of investigations, then we can talk. Not on this ls madchen nude spread eagle my friend. Good Day. Sri Lanka is spending millions of dollars on lawyers and lobbyist already.

They have the money and resources to do it. So why are all the Sinhalese so terrified about investigations? Also whatever happened to the bones of the dead? The father middle eastern girls having sex not know the whereabouts of his 19 year old son for 3 years?

You think that is fair? That is on Audio interview…. Hi Donald. This matter of war crimes should be discussed in a ls madchen nude spread eagle forum. I do not think it sick or sickening to ask you why these videos are in black and white. It does not require technical expertise to ask the obvious question.

My line of questioning, as you may suspect, is to ascertain whether or ls madchen nude spread eagle the video footage has been doctored. As it is, they look like rows of dead LTTE fighters, not prima facie evidence of war crimes.

Your faith in the United States justice system is not shared by me. I do not believe that the USA deserves a role as the global policeman, either. That is why I think all evidence regarding war crimes and crimes against humanity should be forwarded to the United Nations and International Criminal Court, as well as to relevant governments, including those of Sri Lanka and India.

Not that I have great faith in either of the UN ls madchen nude spread eagle ICC to pursue and achieve justice rather than pandering to the geopolitical needs of certain nations. Once again, Donald, you are ignoring the fact that the Tamil Tigers killed and maimed lots of Tamils and Tamil-speaking Muslims.

Her bra is still on. But many do pull off the panty, especially in frenzied gang rape. My guess is that was for a last word with a senior officer, to get the order to kill. Thesawalamai does not prevent other races buying land in the North. The practice was not ls madchen nude spread eagle to exclude other races buying land in Tamil dominated areas.

Does anyone realise that Lanka has taken the ls madchen nude spread eagle off VP for being a killer etc and Lanka has donned this ls madchen nude spread eagle since May ? And,all this for the actions of a few,the Country and her people suffer. Most countries the ones we really need treat a human life with value,concept of right and wrong is taken seriously too.

Is it because they are rude,arrogant,indulge in all sorts of crimes,contract killings including rape. Soldiers that won a war are not held in esteem in the village let alone Colombo. As you can see from this video and some commencesinghaleese still not gown up, still like Animals. All Animals need to be locked in side.

Heart less people. There is no Singhleese or Muslim people killed like this. This government Brian washed all people. Only way they will know the truth if you look things from side the box. One Day when you go to Hell you will know the Truth. Obviously most of these dead appear to be combatants who died in battle unlike the hundreds of noncombatants who died in the Central Bank and Dehiwala Rly station bombs.

I deduce from your comment that the women combatants managed to strip naked just before they fell dead. Did they also ask the armed forces to take photos of their naked bodies from different ankles using long shots as well as close ups posing like models showing their best sides?

I know Sri Lankan are stupid irrespective of their race. However I did not expect them would stoop to so low, I wonder whether their parents ever taught their stupid children the meaning of human dignity and decency.

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