I thought it was the women's job The penis desensitizes because the foreskin covers the head glands from the outside elements and if your head glands don't have a foreskin the constant rubbing against clothes will harden the glands in order to cope with the environment. Yes it produces lube to keep the head glands sensitive. I have never heard a man complaining about loss of sensitivity, the only ones that complain are people of the church and their bloody propaganda, well because they're too smart?

The decreased sensitivity makes my life easier in public with people, and makes my orgasms much more controllable, and slower! Just try to look at the other side of the story for a second. Ok if you're happy with it big dick mushroom head hahn for you. Btw just so you know I'm an atheist so I'm not influenced on what the church says. My thoughts on big dick mushroom head hahn subject of big dick mushroom head hahn is based on scientific findings.

They found out it would reduce the risk of HIV transmission and all STDs and STIs in general, that's the reason why Jews and Muslims were ordered by God to have it done to their children in the first place, thousands of years ago, when little to no health care was available. But still at these times, any guy would be happy to not deal with unnecessary headaches hygiene regarded.

Funny you talk about big dick mushroom head hahn from the church and then you talk about big dick mushroom head hahn scientific findings that are used as propaganda from the Muslim to promote circumcision.

True they were findings that it did promote better hygiene but now they know that can be achieved just by simply washing it everyday and keeping it clean, so basically circumcision is just part of convenience rather than a must be done, which is used as propaganda by Muslims.

My argument was that circumcision desensitizes the penis, you now are changing it to does circumcision have health advantages. That first link that you posted, saying that it reduced HIV and STDs is true I never said that it didn't, what I said was that it didn't need to be done anymore because of all the hygiene facilities we have available BUT in poor third world and undeveloped countries I know that it's an option they would have to use.

That propaganda is used by Muslims in their country. And I see how determined you are about the sensitivity matter, for that Sir, you have to ask people whom are circumcised, not the paid liars doing researches or the patriotic fanatics, and the aformentioned ones are assuring you that they're so happy.

There are several things that are ugly enough to be cut off, but any girl who has had an open mind and an open vagina to both, knows the difference. Cut is stupid, and so are the people who believe it is cleaner.

If you want cleaner, have a bath This is a great webpage where everybody can speak their minds freely, I am allowed here to condemn every bit of the cheap religious or irreligious sorts of propaganda that's being manufactured by bigots and people with agenda. Glad to help out with canadians against circumcision spreading lies, too.

They don't. This is a weird myth, and one that only Americans seem to believe. There's nothing good about a circumcised penis - that ridge adds sensations, but not ones you'd want. It acts like a hook, and scrapes out the vaginal fluids, causing friction, which is not pleasant.

Notice how those saying it's better are largely virgins, so have no idea what it's like. Natural is much better, and it is a natural penis, not a circumcised one, which has the in-built "ribs" for added pleasure. Well said, Sue. I learn that from experience, is why I prefer uncut. I also notice the brushing of the vagina walls from uncut is a bit more consistent because it feels like a more single tubing not a two divided one, if you know what I mean.

I thought I was talking about a uncircumsized penis- sorry. My girlfriend swears by it, and it creates ridges that a cut one does not have. Touch your own clitoral foreskin big dick mushroom head hahn and that is what they cut from the boys. Not me though! Sexual Health. Share Facebook. What do girls find large mushroom heads so appealing? Add Opinion.

LuvRedHeads Xper 2. It just looks great. There isn't an exact answer, just preference. The same way a guy might like big breast, there is no logical reason, it's just preference.

Xper 6. It just looks like it'd be fun to suck on and there would be a different sensation maybe? I haven't had one like this. She says it feels awesome going inside her. Don't start a circumcision war conceited ass-hat. Show All Show Less. Greyjoy Xper 1. My girlfriend loves mine! I have a big mushroom head and she said she loves the way she can feel the ridge around it go inside of her.

Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. JohnDugan Xper 5. Different girls find different things appealing. Big dick mushroom head hahn all women like a penis that is kept in good health. Like the bigger the head the more big dick mushroom head hahn sensations you'd feel. Fruitloopes Xper 2.

Why do men find breast appealing? There is no reason, they just like them. Some women like mushroom heads, no hidden agenda, it's just what they like. Possibly- that's my guess. It's easy to big dick mushroom head hahn uncut and mushroom head :. Darlamay Xper 3. Yeah, but what does it feel like in difference to a regular cock?

I don't know, they are just so attractive. Does this bother you are something? I think the natural-ness of an uncircumcised penis deals with the reason men have it big dick mushroom head hahn it's additional size and hardness could probably help the female reach vaginal orgasm.

Irina15 Xper 3. I've often wondered what sex would be like if I were uncut. But I've also gotten too many compliments on the aesthetic perfectness of my Johnson to ever wanna switch permanently. Just sayin. Lucky Xper 3. I dno, who doesn't like a good nuke though? Related myTakes. Worlds most unforgettable and Naughtiest Adult Slogans! Prepare to cry and wish you were a better person. One reason rich people have bad marriages. Some fairly great video games. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate.

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