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It looks good, starts easy, and runs and idles great. And even when I get it under a load, it doesn't miss or anything, but it just seems weak. I know it's a Cub, and Cubs don't have a lot of horsepower, but I'd like to know if I'm getting the max power out of it. For instance, it has the 48" mower deck under it, and taking off with the mower engaged is almost more than it can do at full throttle. Also, pulling a relatively light utility trailer empty up a spunk farm powered by phpbb grade in 2nd gear seems to nearly tax it to its limit.

Like I said, it runs great. The governor seems to operate correctly. There's no sputtering or missing or anything like that. It doesn't smoke under saggy alte busen und grosse brustwarzen normal circumstances.

It runs great, but it seems like it should have a little more power if it's girl stripping butt naked in public to spunk farm powered by phpbb used as a tractor.

What got me to thinking about it was when I recently saw a guy mowing a field spunk farm powered by phpbb his Cub. He was cutting what was borderline bush hog-worthy grass, and his Cub was just powering on through it like it was no big deal.

I looked twice to make sure it wasn't an "A" or some other model, but I'm pretty sure it was orgasmen xxx blau brennenden wunsch Cub.

I don't think mine would have enough power for anything like that. I don't have anything else to compare it to, except my '49 Massey Harris Pony. It's about the same size, but the Pony seems to have quite a bit more spunk. Granted the Pony has a recently rebuilt engine. I'm wondering if the Cub is needing one, too.

Every home is a school, what are you teaching? That's with the blades kept sharp. If I let them get really dull it's a bit of a different story, but that's not new news. No issue climbing grades I think it would climb my barn wall if I let it. From your description it sounds like yours may need a little freshening up Just make sure you do it right, as the details matter. IE, throttle full open, a little oil in each plug hole and best done when the engine is hot, rather than cold You want to make sure you're getting that full 9 or 10 horsepower these monsters are known for.

Does anybody know what the psi values should be spunk farm powered by phpbb a healthy Cub? I'd guess around You guys want to give him the real number? Anything over is ok. Check timing, adjust the valves and I think you'll see a noticeable difference as long as your compression is good. The Blue Ribbon specs are listed above in spunk farm powered by phpbb Quick Links, lots of useful data there.

Ray Smokeycub Attachments - plow - cultivator - 22 mower - 28A disc harrow - 54 leveling blade - Woods 59C2 - drag harrows - Mott D9 flail - flat belt pulley The squeaky wheel may get the grease but it's usually the first to be replaced! It needs checking with a timing light. You didn't say if it has a magneto, or a Battery Ignition unit.

You can check either type ignition with a timing light. There is a procedure in the Cub owner's manual for setting the timing if it is a magneto. The Battery Ignition timing is set using a timing light. It could have a weak coil, and a weak spark. Or the points might need filing flat, or replacing. Or the spark plugs could be fouled. Timing, points set and clean, compression check, fast idle rpm check, look at and gap the plugs, check valve adjustment, correct plug wires in the correct order, clean main jet in the carbs, clean the discharge nozzle in the carbs, etc.

Pull off or short one plug wire at a time and check for rpm loss if battery ignition. If you have a magneto then short the plug but do not remove the wire unless you ground the removed wire. Don't leave the wire dangling on a magneto. Each plug should have spunk farm powered by phpbb the same rpm loss. In the end you still may just have a worn engine but easy enough to check everything. If spunk farm powered by phpbb are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem!!!

On this site I read about adjusting the valves which is pretty easy to do and found one cylinder had one valve with no clearance. It was like night and day spunk farm powered by phpbb the performance improved.

The compression test would show a weak cylinder that may need just a clearance adjustment of the valve. OK, to be fair for most of the jobs it was originally designed for it does pretty darn good.

It was designed to replace a horse or a mule or even a team on small farms, not an eight horse hitch. The big giant power eating job is mowing with something other than a sickle mower. Bush-hog type mowers were unknown here in Central Indiana until about the mid's.

The Cubs did plowing, disking, planting and cultivating just fine. I always assumed that the PTO was so small and fast etc. Small belted stuff like corn shellers, hammer mills and buzz-saws were OK because it only had to drive the tool but didn't have to spunk farm powered by phpbb ground motion.

You want to always try to balance the load to the tractor and when you are doing so remember that when these early tractors were designed they were made to work best at speeds far below what we expect today. Based on the specs Without some way to measure its output, I'm not sure how you could judge whether it is tuned properly for maximum output.

Without a dyno, maybe a "seat of your pants" measurement. Your cub should be able to run a 60" mower cutting 3" tall lawn grass down to 2" in second gear on flat level land. Another option is to compare it to another well-tuned cub at a cubfest. I suggest entering a tractor pull.

Will Rogers. I filed the points and cleaned the distributor contacts a bit, but I didn't see much of a difference if any.

Spunk farm powered by phpbb did notice that all of the plug tips are clean and a little white. My next step was a dry compression test. Here are the results: 1 - 90 psi 2 - 90 psi 3 - 90 psi 4 - 80 psi Where should I go next? Wet compression test? Valve adjustment? I've heard psi or better is good for a Cub. If so, is 90 and below grounds for a rebuild, or just a tune up? Similar Topics. Jump to. Who is online Users browsing this forum: Ken 48 Cub and 3 guests.

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