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Professor Juniper is a lithe woman with fair skin, green eyes, and poofy honey-colored hair. She wears a pale greenish-blue lab coat and a white blouse, along with a short green skirt and athletic white shoes with red stripes. She also has red rectangular earrings in both of her ears. Professor Juniper is a helpful woman, who usually tends to her laboratory research.

Professor Juniper is also a friend of Dr. Fennel and helps her in her Dream World research. In battle, Professor Juniper is ruthless and can think of impressive attacks. Professor Juniper and Ash came into the lobby, greeting Trip. After Ash had his battle with Trip, Ash presented Pikachu to Professor Juniper, who scanned Pikachu and saw he was overloaded by electricity, since he got struck by a lightning bolt. In response, Pikachu started emitting electricity.

Ash held Pikachu, who electrocuted him in the rage. After the thunderclouds cleared, Pikachu was cured of his overload, relieving Professor Juniper. During the dinner, Ash expressed his desire of adventuring throughout Unova. Ash bid Professor Oak, his mother and Juniper farewell, who wished him luck in his journey. The following day, Ash nackt professor juniper von pokemon Iris encountered an Oshawott and suspected it was Professor Juniper's, since Oshawott really liked Ash to follow him far away from the lab.

Bianca did so and showed on her Xtransciver Professor Juniper, who greeted the heroes, confirming Bianca's words. Juniper was pleased and gave him Pidove back for his Sewaddle. Juniper heard about the Venipede invasion in Castelia City and nackt professor juniper von pokemon a research, wondering why would the Venipede be startled like that to come in the city.

Her assistants managed to find out a presence in Desert Resort, so Juniper deduced something must've scared the Venipede, who usually lived there. Managing to continue the research, Juniper found out two major energy sources, which were merging.

Professor Juniper took a plane to Castelia City, praising the heroes, who managed to calm down Venipede and take them to the central park. To find more, Professor Juniper, along with the heroes, flew off to the Desert Resort. Professor Juniper worked with Fennel and met up with the heroes in a laboratory.

Fennel, using Musharna's dream energy, triggered the machine, causing Archen to be revived, as Professor Juniper documented this with her camera. Juniper took a break, seeing Ash was an amazing trainer, wanting to help Archen to fly by training it. Suddenly, Fennel warned them about the overgrown plants, which destroyed the lab.

Professor Juniper was shocked, and even more so to see Archen was eating nackt professor juniper von pokemon fruit from the plants, which even replenished itself by Big tit tan linien pussy lippen voice.

Juniper suspected the plant's seeds must've been inside the fossil, along with Archen, seeing this would be Archen's new home. Team Rocket appeared and tried to capture Archen, who evolved into Archeops. While the heroes managed to douse the flame, Archeops' nest had been ruined. Just then, Juniper saw a flock of other Archeops, realizing there must've been another place where Archeops lived in peace and isolation.

Everyone bid Archeops farewell, as it flew off with its new family. Professor Juniper was close to the Chargestone Cave, conducting an experiment and awaiting Bianca to come. Bianca contacted Professor Juniper, but the link was cut off.

Juniper was alarmed something was wrong with the electricity, for her assistants sensed a disturbance in the area. Fortunately, it was nackt professor juniper von pokemon Team Rocket was attempting an experiment inside the Chargestone Cave and have been driven off. After returning to the camp, Bianca confirmed she would trade her Shelmet for Professor Juniper's Karrablast, the reason why Bianca came to Professor Juniper in the first place.

Juniper sent her Karrablast, to fulfill Bianca's wish have a battle with her Shelmet before the trade. Karrablast attacked Shelmet, who was too frightened and protected itself, instead. The researchers reported a malfunction in Chargestone Cave, making Bianca worried, as the trade could not be executed. After calming down a Klingklang and pulling a pen, which caused Klingklang's gears to be stuckJuniper approached Bianca to the trade machine.

Nackt professor juniper von pokemon Escavalier had excess energy and an aggressive personality, Professor Juniper suggested a Tag Battle, siding with Bianca against Ash and Cilan, who also agreed to the proposal. Ash sent Boldore and Cilan Crustle, who began the battle. Bianca was sad they lost, but was happy to know Escavalier started obeying her. Bianca called Escavalier back and bid farewell to her friends. Just then, an old man, who passed out. Juniper was in shock, as the old man was her father.

Seeing her father injured, Professor Juniper tended to her father, who soon recovered. Cedric explained he found some mysterious ruins, which could hold information about Zekrom. Juniper gave Cedric the pen he dropped, who, after some thinking, nackt professor juniper von pokemon to let the heroes accompany him to the ruins.

The heroes and Cedric bid Professor Juniper farewell, as they moved onwards. While the group admired the Joltik and Galvantula inside the cave, Krokorok found a pen and threw it away, which got stuck inside Klinklang's gears.

Professor Juniper promised to cheer for Ash, even if she was not present at the Unova League. After relaxing a nackt professor juniper von pokemon, they met up with Nanette, the nervous girl, whom they encountered earlier. Once Nanette spent the day at the lab, she bid farewell to the heroes and Professor Juniper.

Professor Juniper received a call from her father, who managed to find the White Ruins, which are located close to Icirrus City. The heroes decided to go to the Ruins. Juniper approved of the idea and suggested going through Aspertia City, where a new Gym Leader, called Cheren, was located. Nackt professor juniper von pokemon heroes bid Juniper farewell, who had to stay at the lab and do some work on her own. After their battle with Team Plasma, the heroes came back to Nuvema Town, nackt professor juniper von pokemon they stayed at Professor Juniper's lab for a while.

Juniper was interested in what the heroes would do next. Professor Juniper took the heroes to the ferry, where she bought the tickets for the heroes to ride off on the cruiser. Before she came back, James, disguised as an old man, bumped into Juniper and replaced the tickets nackt professor juniper von pokemon false ones.

Nevertheless, Juniper gave the heroes tickets and wished them good luck. After bidding farewell, Professor Juniper porno zum letzten mal gesehen, vk back to her laboratory. Professor Juniper Adventures. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. For the variant appearing in the games, see Professor Juniper. Contents [ show ].

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