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Amy Poehler is famous for her role as the quirky and passionate Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation. Fans love her character and so does Poehler, who told Entertainment Weekly"Getting to saturday night live nude amy poehler Leslie Knope every day truly changed and, in some cases, kind of saved my life. Poehler's humor and heart for others make her similar to her character.

However, there's a lot more to Poehler than her time on Parks and Recreation. She's not just an actress — she's a mother, an outspoken feminist, and a boss lady. Keep reading to learn the untold truth of Amy Poehler and find out what she's been working on since the end of Parks and Rec.

Amy Poehler had just given birth to her oldest son, Archiea few months before heading to Los Angeles to start filming Parks and Recreation. She admitted to NPR that it was challenging to be a working mom. She likened the start of the show to having a baby, saying, "I think I tortured myself a bit in that first year about what kind of mother I was and could I do this thing well and also give birth to this new show.

Poehler doesn't shy away from discussing her struggles, especially saturday night live nude amy poehler they're struggles that many women face, which makes her so relatable. She explained, "There's this thing where nobody likes to talk about how difficult things are. But it's difficult to be away from your baby and to be working hard and also want to be working — and it's difficult to be staying saturday night live nude amy poehler home after you've been a person who maybe wasn't.

Poehler's Netflix film Wine Country featured her as Abby, the planner of her group of friends who organizes a girls' trip for them. It turns out that this need to plan isn't a fictional trait, as Poehler tends to plan in real life as well. She told NPR"As my friends have told me, planning is my love language. In fact, Wine Country was inspired by a real girls' trip that Poehler planned for her friends, and those famous friends appeared in the movie alongside her.

Planning has served Poehler well. She's often working on multiple projects at once, as well as raising her kids. Clearly, she's not afraid to be the boss. Poehler added, "I saturday night live nude amy poehler have a little bit of a sense that if no one's in charge, I'll take over, because I need a captain; I do well with a captain. Like many of us, Amy Poehler was once a waitress. During her time working in restaurants, she learned a lot about wine.

And a lot of people learn about wine when they're waiting tables. Poehler went on to say that the characters were more interested in chatting about their lives than learning about the wine they were drinking.

Unfortunately, Poehler's time as a waitress wasn't all positive. While speaking at a rally for the nonprofit One Fair Wage, which fights for fair pay for restaurant workers, she recalled her experience with harassment as a waitress.

She explained, "Because relying on tips means we have to please our customers, we have to please our managers, we have to please our chefs. And all this expectation to please saturday night live nude amy poehler put women in very vulnerable positions that often lead to exploitation. You might be surprised to learn saturday night live nude amy poehler Amy Poehler does more than acting. Poehler is filling a need for more diversity and authenticity about what it's like to be a woman.

And it's about time. You can see how this passion has affected her work. And, in addition to playing Leslie on Parks and RecreationPoehler worked as a producer on the show. She's had a hand in producing Broad Citya comedy TV show about two female friends living in New York who have a habit of breaking social rules, as well as Difficult People and Russian Doll.

And that's just some of her credits. Amy Poehler channeled her passion for helping others saturday night live nude amy poehler empowering women into an online community called Amy Poehler's Smart Girls. She co-founded the community with fellow producer Meredith Walker, who also spent time working on Saturday Night Live.

The website acts as a safe place for people to be themselves, and creativity, intelligence, and leadership are celebrated. Poehler and Walker have created a digital series inspired by the community called Smart Girls at the Party.

The video shorts aim to showcase girls who are, in Poehler's words"changing the world by being saturday night live nude amy poehler. The website for Amy Poehler's Smart Girls Community is saturday night live nude amy poehler with stories of women who have positively impacted history.

The community's social media features inspiring quotes and profiles on girls who are making a difference, and those pages are definitely worth following. Poehler clearly lives authentically and is on a mission to inspire others to live as their true selves as well. If you know anything about Amy Poehler, then you know that she's a feminist. It turns out that feminism runs in her family.

She told The Guardian about her mother, saying, "She's a very smart, independent woman who was kind of coming into her own in the feminist movement of the '70s and '80s. Her dad also had a role in her confidence. Poehler told The Hollywood Reporter about her dad, saying, "He didn't do that thing that sometimes men do with their daughters, which is, be a nice girl.

Poehler has continued that tradition of feminism for her sons, Archie and Abel. Poehler and her children supported Hillary Clinton induring her run for presidency. Poehler also tries hard to teach her sons to consider others. One way she does this is by encouraging them to give their birthday money to charity.

Greg Poehler is a comedian, writer, and actor. He first worked in law before making his first TV show, Welcome to Sweden. The show tells the story of a man who leaves his career as an accountant to follow his lover to Sweden.

Amy got some screen time in the show, and she brought in some famous friends to act in it as well. In our family you had to earn your place at the dinner table and be witty and able to take some good-natured teasing. He's also had a longstanding saturday night live nude amy poehler role in the TV show You Me Herwhich follows his character Jack as he navigates a love triangle.

Amy Poehler loves wine. However, her passion for wine doesn't stop there. Poehler opened up a wine shop called Zula in According to Refinery29she operates the store with her two partners, Mike Robertson and Amy Miles, who are both musicians. The partners met while filming Wet Hot American Summer. Zula is based in Brooklyn, and, if you're in the area, you can even get free delivery.

If you get a little excited about that free delivery and overindulge, you can try Poehler's hangover remedy. The Mean Girls actress told U s virgin islands trinken alter"I will say I'm not a big drinker these days, which means that I'm a lightweight and I can get hungover quite easily.

I think I like some kind of pizza situation, and a sad TV show. Or like, watching the entirety of Ken Burns' Vietnam documentary. Just going for it. They spent two years doing the show's "Weekend Update" sketch together.

But the SNL duo almost didn't happen. Fey actually had to convince Poehler to join SNL. Crazy, right? According to E! Newsthe pair met at an improv theater in Chicago. From there, they worked on their own improv show, "Women of Color," together. After spending some time working for the same improv touring company, the friends worked on separate projects.

Fey spent years hot horny ladies in graz Poehler to join her on the show, and finally Poehler accepted Fey's offer. Newssaying, "I was so happy.

Weirdly, I remember thinking, 'My friend is here! My friend is here! Schur even named it after her, calling it "the Poehler. These dinners were frequent since the show shot on location often. During the dinner, Poehler would start by dedicating a toast to someone, and the toasting would go on and on until everyone had toasted someone else saturday night live nude amy poehler had also been toasted themselves.

Schur loved it so much that he has continued the tradition saturday night live nude amy poehler the other shows he has created. He described Poehler's tradition, saying, "She'd pick out a second AD or a makeup person or a camera operator. It was just the most wonderful way to end a work experience. Amy Poehler spent her childhood in Burlington, Mass. So naturally, Poehler had a Boston accent, but she didn't realize it at first.

Every once in a while, it still comes out when I'm yelling or fighting. Referencing Ben Affleck's film ArgoFey quipped that Affleck chose to set it in Iran because it's more welcoming than Boston, where his other two films were set.

Poehler then jokingly said to him in a thick Boston accent, "You're not better than me. Dratch played the main character in the "Debbie Downer" sketches on the show. Poehler praised her friend's work, saying, "That sketch can turn your day around if you watch it. It's so funny. The friends have played several games together on the show, and the two of them inevitably spend most of the time laughing, even when they're trying to be serious.

In a game of Truth or Truth like Truth or Dare without the daresPoehler looked at Fallon with squinted eyes and asked, "Where is someplace you've never had sex? It's clear that Poehler loves to laugh as much as her fans do. Amy Poehler is confident that she'd be okay without fame.

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