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And so it ends, not with a bang, but a whimper. She and Jenni Farley are both moms now, and somehow drunkenly urinating in public doesn't feel right anymore — though something tells us that's not entirely the reason she and her partner in grime are abandoning their lucrative franchise. I don't need my kids seeing that. We're basically stay-at-home moms.

The "Snooki and JWoww" series finale that airs Wednesday will feature Polizzi's highly anticipated wedding to Jionni Tiffany thompson in freunde mit vorteilen, the father of her two children Lorenzo, 2, and Giovanna, 4 months. The over-the-top reception took place at the Venetian in Garfield, N. Polizzi invited friends and wore an Eve of Milady wedding dress straight jennifer jwoww farley sex tape gebannt of "Cinderella.

It was a long way from the Shore, the Goomba-friendly locale where Polizzi stripped, threw up and openly discussed her bowel movements for MTV's cameras. This is a woman who became a household name during season one, when a local teacher punched her in the face while drinking at a bar. Snooki would later perform countless crazy antics on the show, like falling asleep jennifer jwoww farley sex tape gebannt wine barrels at a wine tasting, flashing her "vajayjay" at a club in Florence, Italy, and posing for a mug shot in Seaside Heights.

Farley didn't get arrested on-camera, but frequently provoked fights with other girls while partying. She also once wore a black "dress" that looked more like a piece of leather floss. And so America fell in love. And why not? Polizzi and Farley never pretended to be anyone other than themselves, in a warts-and-all way that's occasionally uncomfortable. It's unclear how the nation will react to grownups Snooki and JWoww — but neither star cares.

Just a few years ago, Farley and Polizzi spent their time discussing best hangover remedies, sex positions and how long to spend in the tanning booth. It was a perfect example of how these two can have train-wreck lives but be likable through their candor.

The pair will always be open and honest. And dirty. Polizzi jumped in: "Yeah, we're filming it this weekend. Jenni's wearing the strap-on. Farley gets into a fight with "Jersey Shore" co-star Sammi Giancola, yanking her to the ground and slapping her While driving in Italy, Polizzi crashes into a police car. She is taken into custody and then wears a neck brace After drinking all day, Polizzi stumbles into the ocean and tries unsuccessfully to walk home.

Cops stop her and put her in cuffs, and she continues to mouth off to the officers Polizzi gets punched while drinking with a teacher Skip to content. From here to maternity: JWoww and Farley compare tummies. Ian Spanier Photography. Farley is joining the 4-foot-8 firecracker jennifer jwoww farley sex tape gebannt her effort at maturity. Hard-partying Snooki found the wedding scene a tough jennifer jwoww farley sex tape gebannt at first.

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