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They have many features reminiscent of sharks, rabbits, kangaroos, canines, reptiles, avian and others. In addition, they have no obvious gender differences in their appearance and biological feature. Due to this, their physical strength, behavior, personality, and social role keep gender-neutral state basically. They show most "animalistic" natures in their various behaviors and abilities in comparison with other Eltus racesthey have fastest running speed and strong leg strength, additionally superior intuition and susceptibility for nature.

While they are covered in mammal-like fur, they are ovoviviparous and do not possess mammalian breasts and breastfeeding ability. Their scientific classification may be said to be the middle between mammals and reptiles, however, v steht fur vagina download are hard to be strictly classified the same as Earth's creatures entirely.

They have a population the same to or larger than the Agudners. In Tal, they live in the whole areas of almost continent except the part of the far west area where only Nevreans are living.

General Rain Silves is the most widely known sergal. While sergals have become known on the internet for having a monstrously violent and sexually deviant nature, this behavior v steht fur vagina download generally confined to Rain Silves and those under her influence.

V steht fur vagina download article describe about common features of all sergals, but there are regional racial variations in appearance and behavior. See below for further details and each articles. Your browser does not support the audio element. The full size, it can be found and free download on Vilous Official Store. Various sergals head shots including noticeable official sergal characters, Rain SilvesJakkand Yaji Telber.

While possessing individual personalities, their general character is simple-minded and optimistic, also sometimes show an animalistic sensitive nature. Overall, they can be said to be sensuous people.

Due to their deeply religious nature and faithful mentality, they can behave with a mob mentality when influenced by a strong-willed or charismatic individual.

Their animalistic natures and abilities appear on both their strong points and shortcomings; as strong points, it v steht fur vagina download turn as bravery and physical strength.

Thereby, they are suitable for jobs which require v steht fur vagina download capacity and work extensively outdoors such as soldiers, hunters, and explorers. As for shortcomings, they are unsuitable for jobs which v steht fur vagina download logical thinking, concentration, and v steht fur vagina download accurate stereopsis such as crafting anal double kostenlos galerie penatration engineering above a certain level.

But more complex work like carving, joining, and rasping is definitely a more agudner oriented line of work, where agudners can exhibit the patience, dexterous hands, and steady stereopsis ability required to deal with the intricate nature of it all. Meanwhile, they have strong intuition close to six sense and superior susceptibility for the natural environment. Due to this, they have the strongest capacity to deal with things which cannot be elucidated by logic and science such as supernatural phenomenon and shamanism.

The original species of them is Northern sergalsand there are various regional differences who have derived from Northerners; Southern sergals who got civilized culture earliest by symbiosis with agudners from early stage, Eastern sergals who are mixed breed of Northerners and Southerners, and Western sergals who are extinct race.

But in the modern era, nationality such as ShiguReonoand Gold Ring takes up greater importance than race or subspecies because of the sheer amount of mixing gene pools by globalization. They have a very good relationship with agudners historically. Sergals and agudners can cooperate with each other like the engaged gears while making up for each shortcoming with each strong points. Sergals deal with wildlife and the natural environment while agudners are taking the development of technology.

In comparison with nevrean 's gender relationship which can be described as " Yin-Yang ", sergals and agudners also can be said to be having such "Yin-Yang" relationship by a unit of their two races.

Regional racial variations in appearance. Sergals generally fall into four broad classifications: Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western. Simple color palette which shows quite a few examples of possible, main fur coat colors available to each regional subspecies. Gradients are not to be confused with underbelly colors.

Note these are not set-in-stone strict, some shadings, tones may vary of course. Sergal fur has a straightforward two-tone color pattern like that of a shark v steht fur vagina download many earthly v steht fur vagina download. Spots and Stripes are not common.

However, these things are done by means of fur dyeing, which is a common v steht fur vagina download in urban areas Southern Gold Ring and Eastern Reono lands. Tal has a variety of dyes derived from organisms.

There are those who dye their bodies in vivid colors and even those who get tattoos. Northerners will mostly looking for normal chill girl in ittoqqortoormiit cold colors on their coats, with a white underbelly color whilst their Southern counterparts will have warm colors on their coats as well as feature white or sandy yellow underbelly shades.

Easterners can display a somewhat varied array of coat colors, however heavily darker than most if not all Sergals, due to their mixed gene pool. Westerners are a subspecies of the Northern species, as such their coat color is recessive and can be found sometimes with Northerners as well as the rare few Civilized Southerners, provided their ancestry stems from the scant few Western Sergals lucky enough to reach Gold Ring in times of war as wallpaper desktop sexy nude ass. They are a de facto extinct race subset.

Emotions, examples of natural fur hues and patterns. Examples of hairstyles and fashions with some additional and artificial colors via fur dye. Rain Silves height during the war was slated to be around cm 7'0" circa 28RC, reaching her peak height of cm 7'5" in the year 40RC right before she was imprisoned. Do note, her height was unique to her alone due to her mutation.

At first, there were no apparent height differences between Northern and Western Sergals, given that they were the closest set of subspecies living separate from each other North - NorthWest. That means they only differed in fur coloration, location, and cultural traditions, sharing common traits in everything else. However, after the Western extinction and the inevitable mixing between Northern and Eastern lands during the war brought on via occupation of Reono as well as after, during the reconstruction periodNorthern height ratios went up on average, the vigour trait having been v steht fur vagina download out to more groups.

The Western sergals lucky enough to make their way to Gold Ring found themselves in awe at the welcoming mix of cultures and given their artistic disposition as well as lack of concern for their own pedigree, they integrated easily into Gold Ring's society. Thusly, there are no longer any Western Sergalsv steht fur vagina download subspecies is now considered extinct and absorbed into v steht fur vagina download other subspecies.

Gold Ring is full of mixed Sergals. The Southern subspecies has many black and grey sergals, and not all are as short as the original Southern subspecies members. This being said, there still are Nobles the pure Southern sergalsnot exhibiting any of the hybrid traits of the North or West.

From 50RC onwards, nationality takes up greater importance than race or subspecies because of the sheer amount of mixing gene pools. While originally lacking noticeable outward physical difference between sexes, female Southern sergals have recently developed more "human" feminine traits. Their fur is particularly long around the base of their ears, a base of their tail, their breast, wrists, v steht fur vagina download heels. However, this point is commonly overlooked in fan art.

The shape of the head and snout is inspired by sharks, with swept-back and v steht fur vagina download ears. The top of their heads is completely flat and smooth. They do not have browlines or curved foreheads. Ear holes cannot normally be seen from the side, because their ear holes always turn to the rear and are completely covered by rear pointing fur.

In other words, their ears are NOT like the ears of Earth's creatures such as cats or foxes at all. A thick mane covers the back of their long neck from around the midsection of the head down to the area around the shoulder blades. An adult sergal's eyes face outwards similar to lizards and rabbits, with vertically slitted pupils similar to those of cats, and in a similar way, their pupils change width according to the amount of light.

This gives them good peripheral vision and situational awareness. Also, their eyes feature superior dynamic visual acuity. However, their overall quality of vision is poor and they have a relatively difficult time focusing on a single point or perceiving depth stereopsismaking the use of projectile weapons such as bows and guns difficult. All sergals are born with forward-facing eyes, which in most sergals gradually turn to the side as they age.

Some Northern Sergalsespecially the pure-strain ones have permanently forward-facing eyes, this is in fact partly due to the environmental effects of Miasma upon them, as such this trait is considered an exception from the norm. Due to this, adult Northern sergals who have forward-facing eyes can be said to be neoteny. Crying pure Northern sergal soldiers with their high pitched shriek.

Sergals have an avian-style throat structure that gives them high-pitched, piercing, clear vocalizations. They are able to speak a general language and can also communicate using various animalistic "cries". For example, a sergal may give a high pitched shriek when charging into combat, or make a whimpering or yapping sound when frightened. Crying as communication is generally confined to Northern and Western sergals due to their more primitive culture.

Eastern sergals may also sometimes use cries but their vocalizations are generally deeper and have rustic dialect like an animal.

Southern sergals almost only use verbal language due to their cultural interaction with v steht fur vagina download races such as the agudnerstherefore using cries to communicate is lost to the South.

A sergal's normal tongue. The full image, it can gavle spa gratis porr i mobilen found and free download on Vilous Official Store. Rain's tongue in the New Age. The fork is a thing that v steht fur vagina download cut surgically.

Closeup shot from Rain Silves Dakimakura Cover. The edge of a Sergal's mouth is roughly in vertical alignment with the eyes. The mouth can open very wide like a reptile's. They have a thick lower lip which can vary from light pink, fleshy tones to dark browns, purple and black, extending from the front of the lower jaw to the middle of the sides resembling that found in canines. Due to their mouth and throat structure, prey such as small animals is able to be swallowed whole. When eating the meat of large animals they will cut them into chunks since their jaw structure and lack of molars makes their chewing ineffective.

They can swallow piglets size things as the largest things that are able to be swallowed by them without cutting. Damage from bite wounds is not so strong, because they don't have as many teeth and their jaws are not as strong. They have 12 fangs like canine teeth, those are replaced for life several v steht fur vagina download. Their taste is some rough in comparison with Agudners '. Some sergals may have forked tongues like that of a snake, however, this is not a natural feature, but a surgical cut made for fashion or ritual.

Rain Silves was the first sergal to be seen with a forked tongue, having had it was cut by her abusive mother or cut by herself as the ritual that is believed to bring power. All other sergals with forked tongues are mimics of Rain. Hence, the tongue forking did not exist as a common culture until Rain appeared. Latest New Age canon art of General Rain.

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