Department of Justice, is a national search website dru sjodin national sex offender public provides parents and other concerned residents access to public state and territory sex offender registries. Website searches are conducted free of charge.

The Website shall include relevant information for each sex offender and other person listed on a jurisdiction's Internet site. The Website shall allow the public to obtain relevant information for each sex offender by a single query for any given zip code or geographical radius set by the user in a form and with such limitations as may be established by the Attorney General and shall have such other field search capabilities as the Attorney General may provide.

Find Attorney. For Attorneys. We Help! No Hassles Guarantee. For Dru sjodin national sex offender public Products Attorney Directory. Search: Search. Promotes public safety by using already existing sex offender data. Does not require no special certifications, training, or fees for users. Minimizes the time and funding required to create a new repository.

Maximizes state and local agencies' ability to retain control over their data. Advanced Search. Get Help My Account.

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