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Corey is an iconoclast and the author of 'Man's Fight for Existence'. He believes that the key to life is for men to honour their primal nature. Visit his new website at primalexistence. By all measures that feminists like to tout, Western women today have more rights, more freedom, more choices, and more privilege than any other time in human history. Women infected by feminism hold so much anger that it is etched onto their faces.

In fact, spewing hatred for men seems to be the only thing that makes them feel good about their own empty zuleyka rivera miss nude universe. Women are strong and independent according to feminists.

Modern women barely even respect themselves. They are careless with their life choices, indulge in destructive hedonism of alcohol and sex, go out of their way to purposely destroy their looksand so on. Women today are confused as they are pressured to go against their feminine nature to behave as men do.

Instead of embracing the gift of their feminine qualities and their roles as wives and mothers, women today are trying too hard to usurp the male roles in the name of equality. Of course, this play-acting can only lead to inner suffering as their deviancy corrodes their emotional health.

Feminists are vain and insecure as well as loving drama. This is why they must constantly engage in outrage reading to entertain themselves. They need a scapegoat to dump their emotional baggage on after being swindled by the lies of feminism. Women are strong and capable, but they are perpetual victims who need government protection. These are just few of many contradictions that women must juggle with as ideology battles biology for dominance in their fickle minds.

The fact that many women today are barren because they sold their souls to education and career makes them miserable as they are fighting their biology to live a life that is unnatural. All this pretending is taking on toll on their lives and the only way they know how to cover it is by pretending even more. Women are bombarded with lavish lifestyles shown on television and magazines that they seem to expect them as being normal. All women want the perfect man, the perfect career, the perfect combination of clothes, the perfect house, the perfect wedding, the perfect life.

Feminism fused with consumerism to tell women that they can have it all and right now. They slut around thinking that they should have all the fun they can have, but they end up destroying their ability to pair-bond.

They spend all their money on frivolous objects like their 20th pair of shoes, but they never save up. Women never think ahead because they expect everything to work out and be saved from consequences. Russische frauen mail order bride women drown in their own vanity with depth that has no end. Their vanity distorts their perception unsatisfied sexy women in bialystok themselves and turns them into narcissistic demons.

The disease of feminism has made them blind to their own paradoxes. This is also why you have so many adult women acting like spoiled children. Women today are never happy with their relationship with men because they constantly seek bad boys with dark triad traits only to get hurt and unsatisfied sexy women in bialystok their anger out on other ordinary men. This is what happens when you allow women to have sexual freedom in a feminist culture. How many children are growing up without a father because of bad decisions made unsatisfied sexy women in bialystok their lousy mothers?

Loser male feminists and white knights constantly defend women no matter what and end up warping the worldview of those said women. No matter how stressed and miserable they are, women will always defend their corporate unsatisfied sexy women in bialystok government jobs like how some abused women defend their domineering husbands.

This is the power of feminist indoctrination. Unsatisfied sexy women in bialystok bought into the feminist lies and now they are hollow beings drifting around in our modern world, constantly unsatisfied sexy women in bialystok, constantly blaming, constantly dissatisfied.

But no. We as a society must all pay—especially us, the men. Feminism is destroying womanhood, and therefore, family and society, and it is only the men who unsatisfied sexy women in bialystok capable of putting a stop to this rabid sickness.

Home About Archives Culture Masculinity. Culture Comments. Corey Savage. If feminism is so great, why are most feminists so angry and miserable? A privileged Western feminist in essence. Send this to a friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel.

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